How to be a Digital and Social Marketing ROI Rebel – 10 Proven Strategies [Podcast]

Last updated: 03-16-2020

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How to be a Digital and Social Marketing ROI Rebel – 10 Proven Strategies [Podcast]

Why is it so many smart social media and digital marketers claim they want to lead or are already leading their industry and niche? They write blog posts, record and publish videos, live streams, webinars and podcasts teaching and preaching others how to build a unique brand. They talk about differentiation and how to stand out from the crowd.

However, when you do the “double click” and take a deeper look at their strategies, tactics, and content you may see it’s truly lacking differentiation. They have become a spitting identical image to everyone else.

Too often they are chasing shiny objects, have a deep-rooted fear of missing out and end up wasting cycle after cycle on social networks, technology and tactics that simply are not even appropriate for their business. They forget their core business and marketing goals. They forget who they are serving, such as their customer and audience as they get caught up in social media fame and being the first to make the leader board on the latest social shiny object.

Unfortunately, many of them don’t have close to the results and success they claim to have, yet they paint this picture that their “unique” methods work and that for the low, low price of $199, you too can be rich and famous if you buy their magical super-powered class.

Even worse, most of them don’t know how to measure results. Many don’t know the most basic analytics of their blog or website traffic, conversion funnels or social media community engagement. They lack basic business, digital marketing, and social media marketing knowledge and experience.

The truth is that the real rebels are the leaders who trade in fear of missing out for focus. They know how to work smart, not just hard. They know the key to success is smart hustle, not just working 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Success requires a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We must ask WHY. What is driving the behavior? Is it human nature? Is it the need for belonging? Is it the need to be accepted, cared for, loved or simply liked?

Our agency, Marketing Nutz, gets contacted every day by business leaders who fell for vanity metric tactics and strategies. Most of them wasted months and years focusing on get famous and rich overnight social strategies versus approaches that drive real business.

The majority of these brand leaders never intended to get over focused on actions that are far from delivering real business and brand value. They trusted what they read by the numerous bloggers and “thought leaders” delivering the step by step guides to overnight online fame. Many of them come to us when they are ready for real business results or when they want to get started right from the very first step of integrating social into their business.

Social media is so much bigger than a Facebook page or Twitter handle. It is not a band-aid that will save your broken business or struggling sales and marketing teams. It is a communications vehicle, a platform for you to build relationships, to establish thought leadership. It’s a channel, a means to communicate.

Rise above status quo and be a rebel!

Are you a leader who wants to rise above status quo? Are you ready for real, impactful and measurable business results? If this is you, then you have landed on the right blog post and podcast today.

Take a listen to episode 216 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 10 Tips to Be a Social Media and Digital Marketing Rebel.

It’s time you stand out from the noise, rise above the crowd and and stomp status quo forever.

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn:

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