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Last updated: 04-16-2020

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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Helps to Grow Your Business in 2020 | PromotionWorld

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Who would have thought that digital marketing will come to this far? With the onset of digital marketing, there were many marketers who had predicted that this would not go too far as it does not involve audiences face to face. But now look where we are. Today’s world is driven by digital technologies only. Whether it is the lifestyle, profession or marketing.

Today, every business marketing revolves around digital marketing. Every marketer takes the help of digital marketing trends to achieve their goals.

Make no mistake, we all live in a digitalized world. Marketing technology moves lightning-fast and the consumer’s behaviours and interests are as dynamic as ever. Marketers cannot wait at their store that the customers will come to their brands and make their buying decision.

It is the opposite of that now. The marketers have gone out to the people themselves to convince them to consume their products and services. But do not take me in the wrong way, here I am talking about digital methods that marketers are using to engage with their audiences.

2020 has come up with many surprises. As a professional digital marketer, you must be aware of all the new trends that digital marketing is blessed with. Here are the surprises that it has come up for the digital marketing industry.

“Alexa, ho many of America own a Smart Speaker”

That’s right you heard the Alexa correct. More than 66.4 million Americans own a smart speaker like Google Home or amazon echo. In addition, more than 40% of the searches on Google were voice query searches in 2019. And it is also estimated that this number will cross the 60% mark by the end of 2020.

So now you are getting my point. How much change does this voice query searches will be going to make? 2020 is the year that all digital marketers have become sensitive to this change and are implementing methods that can help them with the query search results.

By you must have known how effective social media marketing is in online marketing. But the things that you do not know about social media marketing is the numbers.

How many people use social media for shopping? Which platform is suitable for running an influential marketing campaign? Which platforms help the audiences to discover new products and services?

These are some of the questions that most people ask themselves but cannot come with the answer. Then let me have the honour to answer you all.

Instagram is a platform that is widely used for influential marketing. And when it comes down to which platform helps audiences to discover new products and services, then that would be Pinterest.

Most of the social media platform has noticed that the audiences are using their platform to buy products. And have started using this opportunity to act as a bridge for the marketer and the audiences.

More than 90% of the audiences look for interactive content that appeals to them. Content like shoppable posts, VR/AR, 360-degree video, quiz, polls, contests and much more. People look forward to these kinds of content.

And if you are thinking about why attractive content, then here are the reasons:

Google automation is nothing new in the market, but thanks to the Google ad updates, we can expect new automation technology and smart bidding system to become a norm in the digital marketing world.

Google ads use Artificial intelligence learning technologies, to help you with the efficient bidding system. The latest announcement of the google ads makes it clear that google marketing lives will optimize your bids for the most prominent results.

This new update will increase the efficiency of the bids and reducing the irrelevant conversation.

The social messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, are now not limited to messaging only. These apps are being used actively by the marketer to communicate with their audience at a personal level.

If we consider only the Facebook messenger, more than 10 billion conversations happen between the audiences and brands. Messaging apps are getting popular nowadays for the customers because they think that it is more convenient that way to interact with the brands.

Here are the things messaging app do for the businesses:

Personalized marketing is at a peak in 2020. Whatever ads, posters, banners, paid campaigns you see all around you are all personalized for a certain kind of audience. This is being down to attract the most relevant audiences that match your buyer’s persona.

There was a survey made on 1000 people, out of those thousand people, more than 90% of then confirmed that the ads or the paid campaign they have strictly matches with their need. This is what helped them to make their buying decision.

To do personalized marketing, you must be aware of what kind of audience you want for your brand and then create a plan of action to attract only those kinds of audiences that matches with your buyer’s persona.

Digital marketing is constantly changing. The trends that I have talked about in this article are some of the fresh trends that can be the next big thing in 2020. But that does not mean that we will stop looking at the new trends that might pop up in the middle of the year. Remember that, to be a successful digital marketer, you need to be proactive and flexible to cope up with all kinds of changes that digital marketing has to offer.

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