Why would a small business need a social media manager? - The Social Media Hat

Last updated: 04-21-2020

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Why would a small business need a social media manager? - The Social Media Hat

Many small business owners are struggling to justify investing in an Internet marketing strategy. Some may think that it’s not worthwhile or not a good fit for their industry, while other owners may believe that with enough research and time, they can accomplish a good marketing strategy on their own. The former is false, while the latter is true, to an extent.

It’s safe to say that nearly every small business owner is in business to make money. It’s also safe to assume that most small business owners are in the business that they’re in because of some skills and experience they have in that particular industry.

Unfortunately, any time a small business owner tries to perform a task that is outside of their existing skillset, there is risk involved. Take, for instance, my friend Joe who owns a landscaping business. Joe has been working on lawns and custom landscapes since he was a kid and has gotten very good at it. He has also developed management skills and has become adept at running his teams of workers. When one of Joe’s trucks broke down, he had two choices: call a mechanic or try to fix it himself. Joe was familiar enough with cars to know that the repair was likely to be expensive. However, not having any particular skill or experience in automotive repair, Joe also knew that if he tried to fix the problem himself, he wold likely waste a lot of time, with no guarantee that he would be successful.

Business marketing is the same, though many business owners fail to see it that way.

A business owner who tries to handle their marketing themselves risks wasting a lot of their own time, and potentially getting nothing in return.

This is where a social media consultant can really help!

If you really want to be involved in your social media marketing, you can. A social media consultant can help advise you. Together you can create a marketing strategy for your business and identify tasks that you can do yourself, and other tasks that are better left to someone with the skill and experience to make sure they’re done correctly.

Or, if you determine that your time is more valuable and better spent on your primary business tasks, you can turn over the bulk of the social media marketing to your consultant and let them do what needs to be done.

At The Social Media Hat, we believe very strongly in giving our clients this choice. We have provided this free website as a resource for small business owners who truly want to educate themselves. If that’s you, a social media consultant can simply ensure that you understand what areas of Internet marketing deserve your attention and keep you focused. A consultant can then also offer more personalized training on specific tasks and topics that can be absorbed faster than reading through libraries of blogs, articles and books.

A third option you should strongly consider is joining a mastermind group that can educate and guide your marketing progress. The 360 Marketing Squad is just $5/month and offers tremendous value.

Regardless of how you proceed, you should understand that hiring a professional social media consultant is a correct first step to making sure that your company has a defined marketing strategy in place, and that you do not waste your time and company resources inadvertently.

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